Friday, October 28, 2011


I attempted to make coconut yogurt last night and succeeded in making a layer of thin yogurt over a layer of coconut water. Hm. It's got the tangy taste and smell of yogurt but it's quite watery. I'm drinking this batch and will try again this weekend. 

I think I went wrong by watering down the coconut milk. The can I have - A Taste of Thai Organic Coconut Milk - is as thick as sour cream, so I was afraid to use it full strength. I mixed it with a can of Goya Coconut Milk (which I'll never buy again - it's so watery and tastes adulterated with chemicals and added fats and is very dilute), and added some water. I heated it per usual, cooled it down, and mixed with a packet of Yogourmet starter.

The end product separates into a creamy liquid top layer, a watery layer underneath, and a thin layer of sediment at the bottom even after I've stirred it together.

It is, however, delicious. :)

Will try again and post results!

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