Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coconut Peach Smoothie

Celebrating 1 full week of healthy eating, healthy living, and a happy heart. is definitely helping motivate me to keep the tune of I ran THREE MILES today! Only been able to do that one other time in my life, over two years ago. Amazing.

It's been fairly easy this time around to avoid temptations...lesson learned from prior attempts? Eat enough! and eat food that is delicious! No need to ever starve yourself. 

I read someone's web page the other day - he is a medical doctor no less - who's brilliant approach to health was, and I quote, "Remove anything from your diet that you enjoy."  What...   Absolutely ludicrous. I pity the man and his subconscious hatred for food and happiness. 

My breakfasts have been looking something like this  - 
Eggs over easy, sauteed mushrooms and banana peppers, and bacon, with a little salsa on the side.


Today being a special Sunday with my man at home - I made a brunch spread of pepper/broccoli/spinach egg frittata,  fried plantains, turnip home fries, and bacons. Yay!

Dinner was leftover chicken with marinara sauce.

Signing off with a quick yummy smoothie I made for dessert today:

1/4c coconut milk
3/4c almond milk (Silk, unsweetened)
1/2c frozen fruit mix: peach, pineapple, mango, strawberry

blend. enjoy.   :)

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