Thursday, June 16, 2011

Champagne Tea

My girl Julie's birthday is this Saturday and I won't be around to celebrate it with her!!! Tragedy. 
So. We celebrated yesterday :)  And what did we do? Foods. Champagnes. Makeups. Dress-up (in Betsey Johnson!) and a stroll around town hand in hand. Fantastic night for both of us. 

Of course...since she and I are so similar...we couldn't just have chips and salsa! 

The menu: 

strawberry sugar (to rim the champagne flutes)
strawberry syrup (also for the champagne)
champagne ;)
tea sandwiches!

Strawberry sugar:
I added about 1 medium strawberry, chopped up, to about 1/2 cup of white sugar. Mix, and viola!


Tea sandwiches (on a skinny french loaf):
- fresh mozzarella + basil + tomato
- prosciutto + fresh parmesan reggiano
- fresh aioli sauce +  cucumber
- bosc pear + blue cheese + honey

We decided to do some traditional, some creative. The best thing about tea sandwiches - they're small so you can make (and eat) lots!

What an amazing night. Love you Julie! 

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