Friday, June 3, 2011

The Bagged Lunch Dilemma

To bring, or not to bring? The classic question. Why do we feel so much freedom regarding dinner, and so limited regarding lunch? Many workplaces have access to both a refrigerator and a microwave. Even if you have neither - you are not relegated to a PB&J with a bag of doritos!

My happy accident today: I have no food. Well, very little. Literally: old potatoes, lettuce, some tofu, the bottom of the almond butter jar, and frozen fish, plus random pantry items. So I sadly decided I would have plain oatmeal for lunch. But wait - are those unsweetened coconut flakes? 
::brain wheels turning...::

I ended up with a tupperware with the following dumped into it: piece of frozen salmon. 2 tbsp almond butter. 1/4c unsweetened coconut flakes. A dash of garlic powder. A dash of sriracha chili sauce. A dash of soy sauce. A splash of water. ::fingers crossed::  ...microwave x4 minutes. 
Viola.  Thai Coconut Salmon.
Delicious, wholesome, nutritious, very fast, lunch. That was not plain oatmeal. And took less time to do than a pb&j. 

Bottom line - get creative with your lunches. There is no excuse to eat pre-packaged garbages that do nothing for your body and eat away your soul! I'll write more on this topic later and try to come up with some quick delicious bagged lunch meal ideas. 

"When you already know you're on the right track, all you have to do is keep walking."

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