Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bicycle Day

This weekend has been full of bits of joy!

Friday - Dinner out with my man. Margarita's in East Hartford was a fun change from the asian food we always (always) get! Not to hate on asian's a mutual love. We started with the taquitos which were fun because they came with a few different sauces to try- a chipotle sour cream, a chimichurri, and some kind of roasted mexican bbq sauce. He got Tio's Super Burrito which literally was the size of the whole giant plate and was very happy with his decision. I got the shrimp fajita which came out in a skillet literally boiling and steaming and filling the booth and our nostrils with delicious smells, with a stack of tortillas and a side plate of toppings including more of that great chipotle sour cream. Paired with the house frozen margarita, warm and brightly decorated atmosphere, and a great waitress - it was a wonderful evening.
Dinner was followed by a sweet Super Nintendo session - Frogger and Star Fox. Excellent reminiscence.

Saturday - Chilling with my girl V. The bike ride to the library was less than ideal since the hill on the way almost killed me. We studied, grocery shopped, and she whipped up some killer chicken quesadillas on the george foreman while I napped ^_^  I also made some Parmesan and Thyme crackers from my Barefoot Contessa cookbook (I used a cup of fresh grated Parmesan). They came out quite well - tasting, as V put it, rather like gourmet cheez-its.
Girls night out later at The Elbow Room with V's friends. Always fun to get prettied up and be girly! Also caught snips of the basketball game - UConn! Finished up the night with the guys watching UFC fights and making fun of the very targeted commercials. Quite entertaining.

Today - Spontaneous breakfast at the Quaker Diner! Hooray for chocolate chip pancakes and french toast and homefries and bacon and all kinds of other deliciousness.
Bike ride with Drew. Pumped up my tires...and realized I had been riding on 13 psi. Out of 50. So we decided I should tackle the hill again (!) which I did and happily did not die. Much easier with inflated tires! Up to Elizabeth Park and around the neighborhoods, commenting on the cool houses.
One obscenely yellow one made me think of the book The Big Orange Splot. You should read it.

As Abraham Lincoln put it "Most folks are as happy as they make up they're minds to be." I find that good food, good friends, and fresh air go a pretty long way in helping out. Now on to the productivity portion of the weekend so I don't feel like a bum come Monday.

(Try the crackers!)

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