Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finding Joy

Dear Friend,

In the eternal Search, which each of us must pursue whether consciously or no, I have fallen upon that mighty art form- the Blog. I was in need of a new and portable homebase to record my various findings. Not that I presume anyone else is in need of a written record of attempted Thai soups, moving patient stories, and inspirational quotes...but maybe. So here I will record the sundry events of my everyday life which entertain or move me, in the hopes that perhaps some may do the same for you.

Welcome to the insides of my brain- at various times medical student, cook, poet, and friend; I am a lover of all things beautiful, delicious, and vibrant.

Current mission: Paleo.

Catch you on the flip side :)

All my love,


  1. Great intro. I wish mine started like that instead of: "me found keyboard, now me write". :)