Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 2

So I've embarked on the Paleo 30 day challenge. Day 1 went well!
Breakfast: Rosemary veal with mushrooms and onions + dried figs
Lunch: rest of veal dish + can of tuna on lettuce + 3 carrots + apple
Dinner: crockpot stew of veal, can of tomatoes, garlic cloves, and potato + taggliatelle

Today...feeling great, lots of energy. Not enough sleep (gotta work on that)
Breakfast: leftover stew + apple + peanut butter
Lunch: chicken + spinach + broccoli

Neurology test today..wish me luck!

Other current projects:
- knitting a baby sweater courtesy of a wonderful patient I met in accupuncture clinic. She said she had a great pattern, I responded with a polite thank you but I can only knit squares and rectangles. She assured me that's all it takes...and she was right! Well on my way to a functional and decently attractive baby sweater.

- re-learning piano. Feels amazing. Note to self: don't attempt to learn new songs before reestablishing foundations. Fur Elise, The Rose, and the musical score of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

- exercise! Yaay! Mostly circuit training...with a stationary bike, hula hoop, weights, pushups, situps, and yoga.

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