Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slips of Paper

Sometimes the most important things in life are written - not in leather bound journals - but on slips and scraps of paper.

Here is a list of Life Advice. I found it on a torn out scrap of a magazine page, taped nonchalantly to an otherwise blank wall:

- Forgive.
- Forget.
- Apologize.
- Admit errors.
- Avoid mistakes.
- Listen to advice.
- Keep your temper.
- Shoulder the blame.
- Make the best of things.
- Maintain high standards.
- Think first, and act accordingly.
- Put the needs of others before your own.

Pay attention to those little slips of paper - they are filled with ideas so important that they required documentation even before a full piece of paper could be acquired.

What important things have you found, or written, on just a slip of paper...?

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